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Acute Care Staffing

Acute Care Staffing

Experience Providing Nursing and Personal Support Staffing Services

In 2011, SE Health acquired Emerg-Plus, thereby adding more than 15 years of agency staffing to our business experience, and a roster of more than 600 hospital relief staff to our organization. In the last 15 years we have experience deploying staffing services to more than 30 facilities.

One Stop Shop for all Staffing Need

Our comprehensive approach to staffing ensures a variety of temporary and long-term clinical and support staffing in addition to on-demand nursing and personal support. Additional designations of staff available include: physiotherapists, occupational therapists, social workers, registered dieticians, speech language pathologists, companions/homemakers, patient sitters, and a phlebotomist.

Availability of Staffing Resources

We continually focus on creating a dedicated pool of staff available to meet the unique needs of each of our customers. Our proven recruitment and retention plans are driven by a goal to achieve an additional 20% to 25% staff capacity than what is required by our existing commitments in order to achieve high fill rates.

By leveraging IntelligentCare’s eCare solution we are able to increase the number of patients we can serve by optimizing our staff’s scope of practice by using technology to allow registered health professionals to remotely manage care being provided to patients in their homes by digital health assistants.   

Skilled and Competent Staff that Adhere to Established Guidelines and Standards

Our hiring, screening and performance management practices ensure staff have the required skills, experience and knowledge for their work assignments. 

Our multi-faceted orientation and ongoing training programs ensure staff have the knowledge needed to meet legislated requirements and automated employee information tracking systems ensure registrations and certifications are up-to-date. 

We employ industry experts who help to ensure ongoing compliance with related legislation in health care delivery, standards and guidelines, privacy, accessibility, and human resources.

Organizational Infrastructure and Economies of Scale

We have built a solid infrastructure that supports the provision of high quality services (operational, clinical, quality/risk, human resources, financial, information systems, information technology, and information management).

Economies of scale enable us to provide competitive pricing.

Enhanced Customer Service

One key point of contact is provided to ensure responsiveness to your needs and a collaborative approach to solving solutions is employed.

Our service model and request system is designed to provide 24/7, timely, reliable and high quality staffing services to our customers.

Through our IntelligentCare eCare solution patients benefit from having a team of health care providers in the home and available virtually through video conferencing, an opportunity for patients to participate in their own care.

Appropriate Supervision for All Staff Involved in the Delivery of Services

A robust infrastructure of supervisory, clinical, administrative and management supports are in place and available to staff 24 hours a day, seven days per week.


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